Phoenix Loves Community

by | Jun 8, 2017

Phoenix Shopping Centre is proud to support our local community.

If you wish to apply for funding support for your community organisation or project, fundraising event, school or sporting group, requests must be made in writing.

Email applications to or deliver/mail to:

Attention: Marketing Department
Centre Management Office
Phoenix Shopping Centre
254 Rockingham Road

To apply, your application should include the following:

  • Submit written request on letterhead
  • Short description of your organisation or group
  • Details on what the money will be used for and why and who it would benefit
  • Organisation associated paperwork, references, history, photographs – that may be used for marketing purposes by PSC when promoting the grant recipient
  • Show how our support could benefit the general local community/ residents in the vicinity of Phoenix Shopping Centre
  • Opportunity of acknowledgment for Phoenix Shopping Centre’s monetary support